Tuesday, February 20, 2007

6 Methods of Characterization

Appearance: My dads appearance was when he was young, so he probably looked like a little boy, and had nother really other than his looks to characterize him by. He was basically short, with a bowl cut for his hair style, and had a high pitched voice.

Inner thoughts/feelings: They were probably that he was curious, before he touched the stove that is, and then after he probably felt really sad. He probably felt this way because he had just burned his hand, and the maid didn't even stop him. He also thought that there was something really wrong with his hand since there was an intensely painful throbbing feeling coming from it.

Environment: The environment that my dad grew up in was New York. So he was probably learning how people were and acted since he was so young. His dad was very wealthy so he lived a good lifestyle and always had everything he needed and couldn't have any hardship since he was so young.

What They Say: My dad didn't really speak yet since he was so young... so there is nothing really to say for this.

Actions: His action was that he put his hand on the stove, and then got his hand burned. Those are the actions that he did.

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Tiffany said...

Wow, your dad's description is pretty funny, it makes me wonder what you'd look like with a bowl cut!